Lasius flavus colony

Lasius flavus colony

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Species: Lasius flavus

Common name: Yellow Meadow Ant

Colony form: Monogyne (single Queen)

Worker Size: 3-4 mm

Queen Size: 5-7 mm

Worker Lifespan: 3-9 months

Queen Lifespan: 15 years

Description of Contents: Test tube with water supply and live specimen of fertile and mated Lasius cf. flavus queen. There will also be at least the number of specified workers. There may be brood present but this cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping Restrictions: UK Only

Guarantee: Queen guaranteed to be alive on arrival.

Species Information:

Lasius flavus do well at room temperature when kept in captivity.

Mating flights are usually large and prolific in summertime and many Queens go and found colonies. Lasius flavus hibernate through the winter and wake from hibernation around late March. Hibernation can be achieved by reducing the temperature of the nest to around 10 degrees Celsius but not any lower than this.